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Learning from the Extremes International

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Learning from the Extremes is a European Union´s Horizon Framework Program for Preparatory Action - Increasing access to educational tools in areas and communities with low connectivity or access to technologies.

The project addresses inequalities of access to digital education by enhancing inclusion and by reducing the digital gap suffered by school communities from remote areas with low connectivity, limited or no access to devices and digital educational tools and content.

Learning from the Extremes started in February 2022 and for the following 24 months aims to offer a vision of what can be achieved with adequate investment in ICT infrastructure, tools and content, along with a detailed Rural School Innovation Roadmap on how to achieve that vision – a plan with clear targets, clear priorities, and a management process that will ensure continuous feedback and reflection. Learning from the Extremes adopts a multidimensional approach to thinking about and planning for the future of technology enhanced rural school education.

For more information about the project you can visit the project’s website: