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Tras ver el problema del plástico en el océano, el colegio ha decidio hacer un proyecto en el que se haga una tarea de concienciación a los alumnos que participan en el pro

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This project is about breakfast and the snack that students have at school, the ways these are supplied, the packaging, the quantity, quality, and the geographical proximit

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Ερευνούμε τον πληθυσμό και τα διάφορα είδη πεταλούδων σε μια περιοχή, καθώς και διάφορους παράγοντες που οδηγούν στη μείωση του αριθμού τους.

Schools As Living Labs is developing a concrete way to approach science education programs by fostering collaboration between schools and local communities.

Here is the place to find, share and interact with school-based living lab activities and communities! The platform offers a safe digital place for sharing and displaying SALL-based activities, developing a channel for encouraging communication among school communities, and exchanging messages between users. At the same time, it is a place to get valuable tools and guidelines in order to accelerate the implementation of the methodology and attain the best possible results from the SALL program. Schools, students, families, and their communities are invited to develop research and innovation projects to address local challenges, contribute to community well-being, and promote an active citizenship attitude.

SALL supports schools in their transformation into living labs, where students are in charge of a science and innovation process by collaborating with other societal actors. Together, they build new solutions, services or uses through a cycle that comprises Co-creation, Exploration, Experimentation and, Evaluation phases. By creating new partnerships with local actors and addressing issues relevant to them, schools become agents of community well-being, and students start to consider themselves as change-makers.