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SALL Summer School

SALL Summer School participants

The recent “Making Sense of STE(A)M Education through Living Labs” Summer School by ESIA was held in Athens Greece in July 2023. This summer school gathered educators, school heads, and participants from diverse backgrounds to explore a cutting-edge approach to education. The program centered on the SALL principles of Open Schooling and living labs, offering a robust framework to transform schools into innovation incubators and accelerators of the local community.

At the core of this interactive approach lies the concept of SALL. Living labs function as user-centered, open ecosystems, seamlessly integrating research and innovation processes within real-life communities and settings. The summer school’s main objective was to enhance participants knowledge of the approach, empowering them to engage, discuss, and explore how schools can become dynamic hubs of innovation.

Throughout the week, particular emphasis was placed on implementing the SALL Methodology. This methodology is the result of a collaborative process, aiming to adapt the Living Lab approach to the context of schools. By promoting cooperation and interaction among community members, this approach creates a safe testing ground for the implementation and refinement of innovative educational solutions.

Overall, the summer school successfully fostered a transformative shift in education by embracing the principles of SALL.