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CONNECT International Conference on Open Schooling 2023


The Ecsite and Ellinogermaniki Agogi team presented Schools as Living Labs (SALL) at the CONNECT International Conference on Open Schooling (CICOS) 2023 in Barcelona from July 6th to 7th. The event was held at the Museo de la Ciencia CosmoCaixa and was joined by an international community of education advocates to reflect upon and discuss the benefits and challenges related to the Open Schooling principles, which makes the foundation of the SALL project. The presentations included topics ranging from inclusion, socio-cultural awareness and sustainable development, to STEAM education. Our team left with valuable reflections regarding our SALL project.

We were also proud to see Eciste’s Project Manager Greta Alliaj receive the Award of Excellence for fostering Open Schooling through the OS together network, of which SALL is a member!