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European recognition of OSOS through the Greek Ministry of Education

European recognition of OSOS

The GENE Network ( announced today a series of awards for 2021.
GENE brings together Ministries and Agencies with national responsibility for funding, coordination, policy-making and support in the field of Global Education.
GENE supports national structures in their work of improving the quality and increasing the provision of Global Education in Europe. GENE achieves this purpose through networking, peer review and learning, strategy sharing, policy advice and policy research.

GENE’s work is based on the vision of a universal, rights-based approach to Global Education. GENE works towards the day when all people in Europe - in solidarity with peoples globally - will have access to quality Global Education. This vision provides an ultimate benchmark for the work of GENE.

Our partner, the Institute of Educational Policy of the Ministry of Education has received the NATIONAL RECOGNITION FOR QUALITY IN GLOBAL EDUCATION for the implementation of the OSOS project in Greece.