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Learning from the Extremes International

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Learning from the Extremes is a European Union´s Horizon Framework Program for Preparatory Action - Increasing access to educational tools in areas and communities with low connectivity or access to technologies. The project addresses inequalities of access to digital education by enhancing inclusion and by reducing the digital gap suffered by school communities from remote areas with low connectivity, limited or no access to devices and digital educational tools and content. Learning from the

GSO 2019 - Gravity - Greek Scene

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Greek Scene contribution at the Global Science Opera 2019 Ellinogermaniki Agogi 1st grade High School Link: Teachers: Petros Stergiopoulos (Music Production), Maria Bilika (Music/ Drama), Manolis Chaniotakis (Physics) Scene Duration: 120 seconds (max). Scientific theme: The eclipse of the Sun observed from Principe Island in May 1919 the observation of which proved Einstein's theory. Performative act: The curvature of light observed during

FutureFoods Summer School 2024

4    |    Social Studies
The “Schools as Sites for Food System Transformation” Summer School aims to familiarise participants with the concepts and methods of open schooling and living labs, providing a framework for educators and other societal actors to engage, discuss and explore how schools can become innovation incubators and accelerators within their local communities while offering new learning opportunities to their students. Summer School participants will be empowered to design and develop living-lab-based

Safe Future in Mobility Hub

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This is the Hub of the Safe Future in Mobility project! The project aims to support and promote actions that advance road safety and traffic education, as well as awareness raising for road safety and sustainable mobility. The consortium is investing time and effort to create materials of a more sustainable future in mobility. The proposed activities would gradually raise the quality of teaching and learning to new levels based on the priorities of EU Strategy. The impact as the long-term result

Eratosthenes Photo Contest March 2024

37    |    Science
Welcome to the Community for the Eratosthenes Photo Contest March 2024! Here you can post your photos and take part in the contest. Upload your photo in the Resources area and automatically participate in the contest. Please keep in mind that each teacher can submit ONLY one photo. Entries with more than one photo will not be considered for the winning prize(s). The winning prize*** is a seat to attend the GEO - Academy Summer School 2024, in Marathon Greece from 7-12 July 2024. For more info


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Sonification Useful Tools Pureref Online Sequencer Two Tones HighCharts Related Communities EVENTS


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This the iMuSciCA Community of practice. Please feel free to browse the Deeper-Learning scenarios of the project.

LeDS - Learning Digital Skills Through Arts and Performance

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LeDS - Learning Digital Skills Through Arts and Performance How sensors are connected with Dancing and Informatics? LeDS community will give you the answers.

STE(A)M Learning Ecologies (SLEs)

STE(A)M Learning Ecologies (SLEs) is an EU-funded project (Horizon Europe) developing engaging open schooling-enabled science learning paths for all in learning continuums of formal and informal education settings focusing on inclusiveness. The project highlights the necessary conditions for bringing together all formal, non-formal and informal education actors, as well as enterprises and the civil society and giving all space and motivation to take initiative and central roles. By building on

Road STEAMer

This infographic offers an initial outline of a set of criteria the Road-STEAMer project has identified to map and analyse STEAM practices in Europe.
Discover Road-STEAMer’s vision to enhance science education in Europe and beyond! About Road STEAMer Road-STEAMer attempts to develop a STEAM Roadmap for Science Education in Horizon Europe and in educational policy across the continent in order to: To produce better knowledge and shared understanding of Europe’s particular educational needs and how STEAM can address them. To explore the opportunities arising through STEAM for integrated science learning approaches and synergies. To study those

D.O.M.E project Community

5    |    Science
The D.O.M.E. project (Design your Own Multimedia learning Environment) aims to empower students by involving them in building a low-cost planetarium system and developing presentations that will engage the local community and allow them to benefit from the planetarium and its associated resources. This DIY planetarium will provide for the students the opportunity to increase their competence profiles as well as the science capital of their community and the scientific reasoning and awareness of

Theotokopoulos Kornaros Leontaritis

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rescued by PS Η εξέλιξη της παρούσας ομάδας Η ομάδα Θεοτοκόπουλος-Κορνάρος-Λεονταρίτης παρουσιάστηκε στην ημερίδα του έργου Open Discovery Space στο Πάνορμο της Κρήτης. Στίξατε την εικόνα για το πρόγραμμα Στίξατε εδώ για προβολή της παρουσίασης σε πλήρη οθόνη (προϋποθέτει εγκατάσταση RUFFLE) Η ομάδα Θεοτοκόπουλος - Κορνάρος - Λεονταρίτης επεξεργάζεται τη δημιουργία ενός ζωντανά μεταδιδόμενου δικτυακού δρώμενου. Η Ιστορία Τέσσερις αιώνες έχουν περάσει από τον θάνατο δυο μεγάλων Ελλήνων, του



Music - The Music team accompanying the performance of "Ghost Particles" for the CREATIONS Summer School 2016

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(rescued by PS) In just three days, participants collaborated, exchanged innovative ideas, designed, performed and recorded the production of the soundtrack for the "Ghost Particles" Summer School scene. Except from live-on-stage performance, the final sound-design production was realized on VST instruments recorded on a DAW environment installed with the minimum requirements on the spot. Though teachers were introduced in automatic composition modules, the final music concept used physical tone

Global Science Opera in Real Time

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(rescued by PS) The official GSOrt logo was based on the painting "Έμπνευση από το Μουσείο Paul Klee της Βέρνης" ("Inspiration from the Paul Klee Museum in Verne") by Ελευθερία Παπαθανασίου (Eleftheria Papathanasiou), February 2016. (School visit at CERN, February 2016). The original painting is the official logo for the Experimental School of Pallini participation in the Global Science Opera 2016 Community page. The idea "Global Science Opera in Real-time " (GSOrt) initiative aims to integrate