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Community TEST


TEst community title

2    |    Social Studies
Test communicty body

Learning from the Extremes - Galicia

1    |    Technology
The community of teachers from the Galicia region participating in the Learning from the Extremes Training Course


2    |    Science
Bringing together social enterprise, scientific research, and the arts. What is SciCulture? The SciCulture project, funded by Erasmus+ embraces the unknown by bringing together science, art and entrepreneurship. We do this by incorporating transdisciplinary practice — or combining specific areas of knowledge into a new type of knowledge — with design thinking. Why is SciCulture important? Too often the richness of expression found in the arts is restricted to galleries and theatre, just as the...

Music Enhanced Learning

Music in Teaching

NEXT STEP in STEAM Education

The project aims to add its contribution to the current efforts of a creative and innovative school by focusing on two key areas that could support the realization of suitable initiatives in every single school. NEXT STEP is proposing a whole school approach to learning by supporting schools’ capacity to work with external organizations so as to explore how such partnerships and networks can be built through a long-term strategy-based on trust and common objectives and how they contribute to key...


Water is essential to life. It need not be spelt out exactly how important it is. Yet water pollution is one of the most serious ecological threats we face todayWater pollution happens when toxic substances enter water bodies such as lakes, rivers, oceans and so on, getting dissolved in them, lying suspended in the water or depositing on the bed. This degrades the quality of water. Not only does this spell disaster for aquatic ecosystems, the pollutants also seep through and reach the...

Reflecting for Change Portugal

This community aggregates all the schools and projects developed in Portugal by the Reflecting for Change Schools.

RAYUELA: Empowering and educating young people for the internet by playing

The RAYUELA project aims to empower and educate young people (children and teenagers primarily) in the benefits, risks and threats intrinsically linked to the use of the Internet by playing, thus preventing and mitigating cybercriminal behaviour. The internet has become an integral part of children and young people’s lives. The increased time spent online is prompting questions about whether they are in control of their internet usage. RAYUELA’s main goal is to understand the drivers and human...

Adventure in Artificial Intelligence

The project Adventure in AI uses a gamified approach to increase children’s AI literacy, to raise awareness and to equip educators with appropriate knowledge to address AI topics in the classroom and in other settings. This initiative is led by Aston University, schools and companies from 5 countries: • Aston University (UK) • CEIPSO Maestro Rodrigo (Spain) • Advancis Business Services, Lda (Portugal) • Boon Unipessoal, Lda (Portugal) • Szkoła Podstawowa nr 1 w Kątach . Ellinogermaniki Agogi (EA...

STEM και Υπολογιστική Σκέψη

Η κοινότητα stem και Υπολογιστική Σκέψη αναφέρεται σε σενάρια με διεπιστημονικές προσεγγίσεις που προάγουν τον υπολογιστικό τρόπο σκέψης.

DOTS - Development of transversal skills in STEM

The DOTS project is all about helping students develop key transversal skills while learning about science in formal and informal settings The DOTS project is working with professionals in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and teacher trainers in order to address a certain gap between the educational policies, national curricula and societal needs. Bringing in international experts and giving them opportunities to co-create, analyze and reshape teacher training methods will...

Computational Thinking and Acting (CoTA)

4    |    ICT
The goal of CoTA (Computational Thinking and Acting) Erasmus+ project is to develop and validate new learning and teaching ICT solutions in Computational Thinking and problem solving in primary schools. We explore the concept of Physical Computing and provide open learning activities for programming including teacher materials and teacher training. We have also developed scenarios for including programming into different subjects and a competence framework of Physical Computing linked to...

DRIVE (Dos and don'ts regarding Road safety In the city while moVing around Every day)

2    |    Social Studies
Project Title: Walking around safely in our neighbourhood! Students walk around their neighbourhood and take photos related to road safety (e.g. road signs). Back in class, they bring their shots, then talk about them and road safety in general. Several relevant activities take place. As a final product, students create Road Safety leaflets for their classmates, teachers and parents.

Reflecting for STEM

14    |    Science
Αντικείμενο της κοινότητας είναι η εκπαίδευση STEM.