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Learning from the Extremes International

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Learning from the Extremes is a European Union´s Horizon Framework Program for Preparatory Action - Increasing access to educational tools in areas and communities with low connectivity or access to technologies. The project addresses inequalities of access to digital education by enhancing inclusion and by reducing the digital gap suffered by school communities from remote areas with low connectivity, limited or no access to devices and digital educational tools and content. Learning from the

Music - The Music team accompanying the performance of "Ghost Particles" for the CREATIONS Summer School 2016

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(rescued by PS) In just three days, participants collaborated, exchanged innovative ideas, designed, performed and recorded the production of the soundtrack for the "Ghost Particles" Summer School scene. Except from live-on-stage performance, the final sound-design production was realized on VST instruments recorded on a DAW environment installed with the minimum requirements on the spot. Though teachers were introduced in automatic composition modules, the final music concept used physical tone

Global Science Opera in Real Time

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(rescued by PS) The official GSOrt logo was based on the painting "Έμπνευση από το Μουσείο Paul Klee της Βέρνης" ("Inspiration from the Paul Klee Museum in Verne") by Ελευθερία Παπαθανασίου (Eleftheria Papathanasiou), February 2016. (School visit at CERN, February 2016). The original painting is the official logo for the Experimental School of Pallini participation in the Global Science Opera 2016 Community page. The idea "Global Science Opera in Real-time " (GSOrt) initiative aims to integrate

SEISMO-LAB Summer School 2023

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In the SEISMO-LAB Summer School 2023, the participants will be introduced to the basics of seismology and the value of the studying of earthquakes for the science and for the community. Special emphasis will be given to the use of School Study Earthquake Network’s Data in class. This will empower participants to engage in innovative practices through personal and individualized support, in addition to the provision to the suite of supporting tools. Concurrently, there will be a focus on the

Clube Ciência Viva na Escola

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Learning from the Extremes Summer School 2023

65    |    ICT
The main aim of the Summer School is to familiarise participants with the Open Schooling Approach that describes and implements at scale a process that facilitates the transformation of schools to innovative ecosystems, acting as shared sites of learning for which leaders, teachers, students and the local community share responsibility, over which they share authority, and from which they all benefit through the increase of their communities’ science capital and the development of responsible

Eratosthenes Photo Contest March 2023

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Welcome to the Community for the Eratosthenes Photo Contest March 2023! Here you can post your photos and take part in the contest. Upload your photo in the Resources area and automatically take part in the contest. Please keep in mind that each teacher can submit ONLY one photo. Entries with more than one photo will not be considered for the winning prize(s). The winning prize*** is a seat to attend the AMASE Summer School 2023, in Marathon Greece from 8-14 July, 2023. For more info please

Agrupamento de Escolas de Mértola

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Uma escola onde no seu interior existe uma ermida e uma necrópole que datam do século XVI./A school where inside there is a hermitage and a necropolis dating from the 16th century.
Uma escola situada nas margens do rio Guadiana, no coração do Baixo Alentejo. A school located on the banks of the Guadiana river, in the heart of Baixo Alentejo.

Адаптиране на уроци

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Learning from the Extremes - Ireland

The community for teachers from the schools participating in the LfE activities in Ireland

Hrvatska LfE zajednica

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Zajednica nastavnika, ravnatelja i stručnih suradnika uključenih u projekt Learning from the Extremes.


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The global COVID-19 pandemic forced many countries to partially or totally confine their citizens and to move from a mainly classroom-based teaching model to e-learning or blended learning models. The lack of technical knowledge and the low digital literacy of the educational community caused a noticeable number of problems. The main objective of this project is to provide tools to students, families, teachers and school managers to appropriately face this new learning context. These tools will


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This is the eRBOBSON Hub! eROBSON stands for: Educational Robotics at Schools Online with Augmented Reality Click here for the eROBSON webiste It is an Erasmus+ KA2 project. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a strategic partnership and later – a self-sustained professional community in the intersection of Educational Robotics and Augmented reality. All activities related to the production of IOs, all other tangible and intangible results, all events, and other activities will

AMASE project

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AMASE wants to bridge the gap between advanced technologies in the real world and STEM education in the classroom for students from 12-18 years old within the context of advanced materials. This way, AMASE wants to help tackle two of Europe’s many challenges: stimulating youngsters to choose a STEM-profession and taking care of the environment, including climate change. The connection between environment and Advanced Materials sciences and environment and climate change might not be