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A rural school's journey with laser cutting and engraving supported by the local community

Hosted by , contributed by Kyriaki_Vakkou on 15 September 2023
Connection with local/regional stakeholders
Stakeholders involved:
Educational providers
Main challenge:

This small rural school was not well equipped with current technology equipment but through the funding offered by the LfE project that problem was partially solved since the school was able to buy a laser engraver and cutter to be utilized in the lessons. However, the teachers did not have experience in using this equipment. Also, the school wanted to use this new equipment as an opportunity to develop connections with the local community and increase their involvement in the school life.   

Action and initiatives:

For providing the necessary training for their teachers to use the equipment, the school contacted an educator from Sinestek that provided two days of training to the school (12 hours in total). During the course, the teachers learned how to program in Inkscape and RDWork software and how to purposefully integrate the laser cutter and engraver in different activities/projects.

By buying this equipment, the school did not only manage to incorporate innovative technologies in the school projects and develop their teachers’ knowledge and skills on how to use this equipment but also created opportunities for the involvement of the community at a high level in current and future school events. For example, families donated plywood to the school for creating jewellery during their project and they also helped in making products on the laser cutter and engraver. One of the families, had similar equipment in their home and so, they helped the teachers whenever they encountered any issues. For example, teachers did not know how to engrave on plywood and so, a parent showcased how to do that. The school is also planning to invite the local community in the school to learn and try to use the equipment. Along with the local community, they are planning to improve their wooden products or use other materials and sell them and/or expand their production of wooden items to games, puzzles, toys, educational material etc.

Main change/improvement/impact:

The main improvement was the development of teachers’ knowledge and skills and also, those of students. They learned not simply to use the laser cutter and graver but also in to design, model, program, cooperate together, be creative etc. The cooperation between school classes, between students of different ages, between students, teachers and local community that facilitated empathy, socialization and respect for different opinions and points of view.

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