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2nd Survey of Schools: ICT in Education

2nd Survey of schools


The document "ICT in Education: Objectives for 2020 and Beyond" presents an overview of the objectives, strategies...

A Practical Guide for School Leaders

Guide for School Leaders


"Practical Guide for School Leaders" offers comprehensive guidance to school leaders on various essential aspects...

Computational Thinking Learning Scenarios

120 learning scenarios on computational thinking and acting in Greek, Finnish, English, German and Estonian. 

Google cardboard


Curriculum Flexibility and Autonomy in Portugal

Curriculum flexibility

This document reports the efforst in Portugal to introduce flexibility in the curriculum and autonomy to schools on its...

Inclusive Digital Education

Inclusive Digital Education

You will find in thjis document very interesting suggestions on how to use digital technologies to support inclusive...

Partilhas à Quarta


Sessões de partilha de boas práticas de projectos apoiados pela ERTE (Equipa de Recursos e Tecnologias Educativas) / DGE...

Simple AI Tool for Image Classification

With this image Classifier, students can teach machine to learn about image recognition and experience simple AI. 

Image Classifier


The OECD Handbook for Innovative Learning Environments

Innovative Learning OECD

This is a very nice document providing practical guidance on how schools can transform their schools. It presents...