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FOODSHIFT Summer School 2023

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The “Schools as Sites for Food System Transformation” Summer School aims to familiarise participants with the concepts and methods of open schooling and living labs, providing a framework for educators and other societal actors to engage, discuss and explore how schools can become innovation incubators and accelerators within their local communities while offering new learning opportunities to their students. Summer School participants will be empowered to design and develop living-lab-based open schooling projects linked to the theme of the Food System, with their own contexts in mind. This thematic focus is linked to very topical challenges of huge societal, environmental and economic importance, as well as of direct relevance to science education and to ambitious current policy making at the European level (FOOD 2030 Agenda).

To ensure the proper preparation for the training course an online platform will act as a main hub of communication and for sharing and distributing preparatory material with the participants. Through this platform the participants will have access to all materials necessary for their preparation (suggested reading, digital tools, relevant websites, guidelines and support material etc.) and a common workspace. Moreover, all the information regarding the training course such as the course description, the programme, travelling and accommodation guidelines will also be accessible through the website.

Participants will familiarise themselves with the training topics as well as the course methodology by accessing the relevant resources, materials and tools. At this point we would like to offer some ideas and guidelines for your preparation. The summer school will use the SALL portal as a tool to develop innovative school projects that fit the needs of the society in the topic of the food system transformation. You might see the following resources/webinars:


LOCATION : Golden Coast Hotel, Marathon Beach, Marathon Attiki, Greece 190 07 Go to map