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CREATIONS Summer School

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"Hunting the Ghost Particles"

The performance ID for the CREATIONS SUMMER SCHOOL 2016


Duration: approx. 30 min.


The concept

“Hunting the Ghost Particles” is the title of the event that will be presented on July 7th based on the concept of understanding the so-called “ghost particles”. A stage performance and a mini “science café”, both accompanied with live music, will be included in the event.

All participants will contribute in the preparation, production, finalization and performance of this event that will be presented at the Summer School Theatre.


The synergies suggested

Each participant will be asked to present his/her own ideas suggesting synergies between scientific and artistic concepts. Each one of the following topics describes the common ground between scientific and creative approaches that support the idea of “Ghost particles” or aspects of the foreseen scenario.

Participants can prepare and present at least one initial scene-concept for each one of the following topics (max. 5-min presentation overall) :

  • Characters
     Which characters will be presented on stage? How should they look like?  
  • Key episodes
    Which are the milestones of the plot?
  • Dramatization
    How the characters should move? How should they behave on stage? How should they interact with other characters?   
  • Sonification  
    What kind of sounds should be included in the scene?  (optional: What are the musical characteristics that the live performance should have? )

Initial scene-concepts may change as the workshop progresses. The finalization of the scene-concept is always a result of democratic vote.


The Groups

Each participant can, and will be encouraged to, be a member of more than one group according to the group needs, his/her requirements and skills. Groups that are about to be formed will work on the following topics:

  • “Libretto”/Script -  Dialogues between characters
  • Music - The Music team accompanying the performance
  • Performance - The actors, singers, performers
  • Movement/Dance - The performers specialized in movement
  • Junior Science Café - The organizers of the "mini on-stage science-cafe"
  • Lighting/Stage - The stage management team
  • Public Relations - The dissemination of the event across all other Summer Schools and beyond!


Any material that you are about to create during our workshop (characters, scripts, pictures, texts, concept ideas, audio files, educational scenarios/lesson plans, presentations or even brainsorming ideas, etc) is absolutely valuable and we need it to be stored here at the CREATIONS Summer School community portal.

No contribution is less important than the next one. All of your ideas and all of your work should be stored digitally as evidence of your own contribution. And the best way to do that -instead of collecting all material at the end- is to upload your work in the Summer school resources as the workshop progresses. If you have any material or presentation concerning the concept described above please don't hesitate to upload it.

The content and the ideas we create actually form parts of the outcomes of the CREATIONS Summer School.

In this way we can all have a documented reference of our work that we can enhance for the future.


Please don’t hesitate to make an account.

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