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AMASE project

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AMASE wants to bridge the gap between advanced technologies in the real world and STEM education in the classroom for students from 12-18 years old within the context of advanced materials. This way, AMASE wants to help tackle two of Europe’s many challenges: stimulating youngsters to choose a STEM-profession and taking care of the environment, including climate change. The connection between environment and Advanced Materials sciences and environment and climate change might not be straightforward for a lot of people. That is exactly why we should bring this field of research into the classroom. Indeed Advanced Materials are our allies for the creation of a sustainable future without the loss of quality of life. Education has an important role to play to make people understand that! New magnets enable the transition to wind energy, recycling technologies reduce the need for mining, advanced catalysts have made the atmosphere cleaner, advanced filters are reducing the waste into waters and are purifying the drinking water; thousands of material technologies are being used to provide a sustainable way of life and many more are being developed. Advanced Materials are behind more than 70% of all technological innovations today.


AMASE offers to teachers the chance to participate in strategic partnerships between Advanced Materials researchers, educational researchers and experts in making sciences attractive. The participating teachers get access to inspiring learning materials supported by a game and pedagogical guidelines on how to use them.